Phytophthora Disease

Coppell , TX Phytophthora Disease

What is the cause of Phytophthora?

Phytophthora (also known as root rot and stem rot) is a fungal disease that can affect trees and plants around the globe. Tree companies with experience are often faced with this threat. Coppell trees affected by this disease can experience leaf shedding early, brown and yellow foliage, wilting and even death. This resistant fungus is able to survive in prolonged periods of drought. It lives in moist soil, but disease-carrying fungal spores can multiply quickly in poor drainage soil. They thrive in cool, damp climates.

Diagnostics of Phytophthora

It can be difficult and time-consuming for Phytophthora to be diagnosed accurately. This is because both the underground and visible parts of the tree need to be examined by an experienced pathologist. Also, laboratory testing is necessary. On infected trees, visible symptoms include the appearance of cankers that are growing around the trunk and causing a slimy, brownish-red bark. A possible sign that the disease is present is the presence of mites, insects and other pests. Coppell trees may not experience visible signs of the disease until the spring months if there are not enough strong, functioning roots. An infected tree could wilt or collapse within a week. If you think your tree might have Phytophthora disease, contact a certified arborist.

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A Proper Treatment for Phytophthora

Coppell certified arborists can help you prevent the spread of phytophthora. This dangerous fungal disease can be difficult and sometimes impossible to eradicate once it’s been established. Proper drainage is essential to ensure the health and growth of vital feeder roots. To protect the tree from accidental injuries and damages, it is essential to be careful. The best ways to prevent phytophthora are using fungicides and sulfur-based fertilizers. Coppell Tree Service & Stump Grinding can help you create a preventative maintenance program to make sure your trees and plants don’t succumb to this terrible disease.


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