To regain tree health, sick trees need to be treated.

To regain tree health, sick trees need to be treated.

North Texas is home to some of the most unique weather patterns. Coppell Texas has a reputation for having unhealthy or sick trees. Weather patterns in February can drop to the low 30s due to colder temperatures. On the same day, temperatures can reach up to 80°C. This can place a great deal of stress on spring tree regeneration.

The delay in the Foliage mechanism of the tree genetics can be caused by the delayed opening of the flowering system.

In 2018, we saw many Shumard red Oaks with this condition. While this isn’t a serious illness, it can cause leaf dieback, which can result in a tree that has become malformed. The weather phenomenon also affected Coppell Savanna Post oaks.

Coppell Tree Service & Stump Grinding recommends you have your trees examined at least once a year. Our free annual tree evaluation walk-throughs go a long ways in ensuring that your trees remain healthy and strong. Coppell Texas’s trees can become unhealthy due to poor weather conditions. This is the beginning and end of disease. Texas pests and insects have the opportunity to infiltrate the trees’ vascular system, and lay larvae. It is vital to treat trees on Coppell properties in order to prevent them from becoming sick.


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Our recommendations for trees are very simple.

You can treat your trees every year in the fall and winter, or every other. Our deep root fertilization service is easy, affordable and safe for your shrubs and trees. We concentrate on two areas.

  1. The overall strength of the tree.
  2. The next spring cycle of fighting insects

The combination of fertilizer and pest control has provided the perfect solution for many North Texas homeowners and property owners.

Coppell Texas tree disease can be prevented in certain cases, but there are helpful tree tips that can help. We help our clients understand the importance of tree health and what it needs. You know that knowledge is power, and the only thing that could harm your trees in Coppell TX is what you don’t know.

We give our clients three (3) simple steps to follow:

  • Proper tree watering
  • Proper Tree Care
  • Tree Insect Management

Proper Tree Watering
For most trees younger than five years, they will need plenty of water. For healthy growth in the early years. A water bag can be placed at the base of the tree’s root flake by many nurseries. A young tree can require 20 to 100 gallons of water each week, depending on its soil, season, environment, and other factors.

Proper Tree Care
Trees need to be fed just as humans do. Mother nature provides the necessary nutrients for trees in most cases. With natural forest trees, homeowners and property managers need to do little. We might need to provide more assistance and care for urban trees. Deep root fertilization is a great way to maintain your trees strong and healthy, especially in the beginning stages of their life cycle.

Tree Insect Management
Tree insects are responsible for the destruction and death of hundreds of thousands of trees in North Texas each year. When dealing with urban Forest trees in Coppell , most cases are straightforward. Education is key. A simple deep root injection once per year can help trees remain healthy and prevent them from becoming infected. Our insecticides can be used to eradicate insects from trees. You might not need to do it every single year. Or, you can give a gentle injection with half the chemical to keep your tree vaccinated. The goal is to kill the larvae and not cause damage to the cambium, Xylem and other parts of the tree. This is the goal of our tree insecticide.

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